Notice of Application


This e-mail is to inform you that a ADMINISTRATIVE EXCEPTION has been submitted to Jefferson County Planning and Zoning. Comments must be provided to the case manager (listed below) by . Information related to this request may be found here.

Case Number: 18-121100AE
Case Name: Section 27,07, 71 SW Section 28, 07, 71 SE, 80470
Address: Section 27,07, 71 SW Section 28, 07, 71 SE, 80470
Type of Application: To allow a temporary structure for storage of fishing equipment and for use as a place to change clothing before and after fishing.
Case Manager: Dillon Lackey
Case Manager Contact Information: 303-271-8738

Additional information related to this case can be viewed here. Some of the links on this page that may be helpful are the links to the case file (public documents), to the Jeffco mapping system (jMap) and to the case tracking system (general application details).

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