Mr. Dake was born on July 28, 1839 in Hinkley, Ohio. Prior to moving to Colorado, he lived in several places. He moved to Iowa and married Nancy Talbot in 1859. When the Civil War began, Charles enlisted in Company G, Twenty-ninth Iowa Infantry. By the close of the war, he was a second lieutenant and had fought bravely in battle. He was paid in Civil War Script. Later, he was an elected official in Iowa before he and his family moved to Nebraska. Charles ran a bank and stage line that ran between Nebraska and South Dakota. Charles and his family moved to Denver in 1880.

Charles Dake contributed politically and culturally to Jefferson County and the State of Colorado for the rest of his life. He was elected to the 9th General Assembly as a Representative of Jefferson County. In Sketches and Portraitures of the State Officers and Members of the Ninth General Assembly.

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