Pine Elk Creek Improvement Association

Rhubarb Festival

The 2022 Rhubarb Festival was a success.
Thank you to everyone who volunteered and those who came to enjoy the day.

the Rhubarb Festival IS ON PAUSE AND will not be held in 2023.
We are looking into other community fundraisers to continue the projects that PECIA has provided in Pine Grove for many years.
Information will be posted as it comes available.  SEE STATEMENT below.

The Rhubarb Festival, begun in 1988, has grown into a successful fundraiser. PECIA’s funds have positively contributed to Pine Grove which has been able,  among other things, to offer a dumpster program to members, maintain a town garage, provide some road maintenance, refurbish and maintain the 1898 Community Center for public use, contribute to the enrichment of the North Fork National Historic District and create a small public park to include original rail beds.

Roxanne Medlen at Elk Creek Station and now Kurt and Karen Blackwell at Zoka’s have worked diligently and generously to make sure the Rhubarb Festival was a success.  A few volunteers have contributed many weeks to plan the event. At the same time many local individuals volunteered their time the day of the event to make the festival happen.  With the passage of time, it is difficult to continue at the same pace.  

For the last several years, the PECIA board has asked for new volunteers including a main coordinator.  The board has reached out through community meetings, newsletters and talking with individuals in town.  The board has been unable to find a new coordinator and enough new volunteers who are willing, among other things, to donate 2-3 months of his/ her time to organize the event, is authorized to move fire trucks multiple times, clean the fire house, set-up the cook kitchen including electrical, arrange for food for the pancake breakfast, organize a small parade, set-up and tear down the event.  Other folks are needed to set-up crafters, run a bake-off, create and set-up a stage/ band area, get musical bands, prepare and run PECIA swag booth, prepare pies and tarts, sell pies and prepare the accounting.  After the event, people are needed to clean-up the building and grounds, store the festival equipment, complete an inventory, count money and make deposits, etc. 

In light of the fact that planning and executing a Rhubarb Festival is becoming more difficult, the PECIA Board voted to pause the festival for one year and, hopefully, create a new and smaller event for 2024.  The board is open to new fundraising ideas to continue the programs for this fabulous historical town.  Please come forward with new fundraising ideas.